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Do you struggle to translate that beautiful landscape scene in front of your eyes to your photographs? Do you want to make your landscape photos more dynamic, unique, and visually compelling? Do you want to inspire your creativity and infuse your own unique artistic vision into your landscape photos?

Well, you've come to the right place. This course will help you to improve your skills and take the landscape photos you've always dreamed up taking!

This ebook and video course allows you to follow me into the field where you will learn directly how I scout scenic locations, consider different compositions, and work with available light and existing conditions to create stunning landscape photos. 

For 15 years as a professional photographer, I've shared my knowledge with hundreds of thousands of people around the world through workshops, photo conferences and events, dozens of books, and as a frequent contributor to many leading photo publications including my regular column for Landscape Photography Magazine. Everything I've taught over these many years has now been brought together in this amazing course. I'm proud to help you become the best landscape photographer you can be! 

- Ian Plant 

Professional photographer & Shuttermonkeys co-founder

"Wow. Just loved your enthusiasm. that was so awesome to watch you go through that and explain as it was happening. Truly outstanding. So glad I purchased it. This was so inspiring on the creative vision side of things."



The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course is divided into 20 video lessons that are easily accessed online. The content is always yours, and can be done at your own pace. In addition to the video lessons, The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course includes a number of great bonus resources. Here's what you get:

  • 3+ hours of video instruction. Go straight to the field with 15 location video modules, plus extend your learning with 7 digital darkroom processing modules.

  • 120+ page ebook filled with hundreds of beautiful landscape photos and illustrative graphics that explain the concepts and techniques behind taking amazing landscape photos.

  • The Landscape Photographer's Cheat Sheet, a handy reference optimized for your smart phone for consultation when you are in the field. 

  • Free 1 year subscription to Landscape Photography Magazine, a premiere photo magazine featuring regular articles by Ian and other top landscape photographers.

  • Free course updates for one year with new bonus videos as Ian travels to amazing landscape locations around the world.

  • Access to exclusive live video Q&A events with Ian only available to course purchasers.

Total Price $199


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What You Will Learn

The 5 critical ingredients of a great landscape photo.

The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course was filmed on location in the beautiful desert of Utah, with bonus material filmed in a number of dramatic landscape locations around the world. This field-based instruction is designed to give you the photo workshop experience without having to pay thousands of dollars. In this course, you will learn about the following topics, as well as many others.

Scouting: Ian will teach you how to effectively research, find, and scout dramatic landscape locations. But finding beautiful scenery is just the beginning.

Composition: Ian  will teach you how to master the Near-Far style of landscape composition to allow you to create dramatic landscape photos.

Deep Focus: One of the biggest technical challenges faced by landscape photographers is ensure corner to corner sharpness through the entire image frame. Ian will show you several tried-and-true techniques that will ensure you get tack-sharp images, each and every time. 

Weather & Light: Although tourists love sunny days, Ian will teach you how you can bring your landscape photos to life with dramatic weather events. You'll learn to love bad weather!

Exposure: Landscape photography is typically done at sunrise and sunset, when the sky is bright but the landscape is in shadow. Ian will show you how to balance your exposure during dramatic sunrise and sunset lighting, allowing you to faithfully capture the landscape scene as seen by your eyes.

hours of

video instruction


  • Go straight to the field with 15 location video modules, plus extend your learning with 7 digital darkroom processing modules.

  • Skip the challenge of trying to figure out what's important and learn directly from one of the world's best landscape photographers.

  • Premium education and insights delivered in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

  • Lifetime streaming access and automatic updates through your Teachable account.

Scroll down to learn more and see what's included in each video module

Module 1: Introduction

In this inspiring introduction, Ian discusses the concepts covered in The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course, including scouting, composition, deep focus, weather & light, and exposure balancing. 

Module 2: Planning and Research

Ian discusses the steps he takes when he is preparing for a photo shoot at a specific location, including tips for conducting initial research online, and using satellite maps to better understand the terrain.

Module 3: Scouting

In this segment, Ian discusses how he scouts a location: what features he is looking for, his overall strategy for approaching an area and exploring it to find the best shots, and the importance of getting out in the wild to look for compelling and unique landscape photo compositions.

Module 4: order of operations

Ian discusses the general process that he uses when approaching a landscape photo shoot, and the steps he usually takes as he progresses from initial planning, to field operations, to downloading and reviewing photos after each photo session.

Module 5: gear

In this segment, Ian discusses the available tools (cameras, lenses, support systems, and accessories) to translate your creative vision into a memorable photograph.

Module 6: composition

Ian discusses his favorite topic of photography and how he uses natural shapes and other techniques to take a viewer on a visual journey with his photographs. 

Module 7: sense of place

Ian treks deep into a scenic slot canyon and explains how he incorporates unique natural features to tell the story of the landscape. 

Module 8: balancing exposure

Confronted with challenges of extreme dynamic ranges, Ian explains how to balance your exposure using filters, post-processing techniques, and when to get creative with silhouettes.

Module 9: deep focus

Ever since the days of Ansel Adams, landscape photographers have been obsessed with achieving corner to corner sharpness. In this segment, Ian demystifies several confusing concepts and reveals his solutions to achieve tack sharp landscape photos. 

Module 10: weather and light

Ian discusses why he loves clouds and why they are critical to making great landscape photos, especially during the magic hours at sunrise and sunset.

Module 11: sunset shoot 1

Ian ditches his vehicle to search for a compelling foreground to juxtapose against an incredible mountain background. Braving the heat and racing against the setting sun, will Ian capture an amazing photo?

Module 12: sunset shoot 2

As dramatic storm clouds build overhead, Ian heads into the desert wilderness searching for an epic sunset photo. He has to contend with difficult terrain and gale-force winds as he explores the landscape, looking for the perfect foreground to match the colorful sunset sky.

Module 13: Post-Processing Introduction

Ian discusses his post-processing philosophy and provides an overview of the post-processing techniques covered in this course.

Module 14: Focus Stacking

Ian teaches his focus stacking technique in Helicon Focus using a series of images shot at different planes of focus.

Module 15: Exposure Blending

Ian demonstrates how to easily blend multiple exposures together using Adobe Lightroom's Merge to HDR feature.

Module 16: Lens Corrections

Learn how to easily correct chromatic aberration and other lens defects in Adobe Lightroom.

Module 17: Leveling the Horizon

Ian illustrates quick and easy fixes for crooked horizons.

Module 18: Darkening the Sky

Learn how to selectively darken the sky while maintaining the proper exposure in other visual elements.

Module 19: Sample Processing Workflow 1

Follow Ian from start to finish as he processes a photo from the high altitude desert region of Argentina. In this module, he demonstrates how to naturally add contrast and clarity to a landscape photo.

Module 20: Sample Processing Workflow 2

Follow Ian from start to finish as he processes a photo from Lake Superior. Ian demonstrates how to combine exposure blending with focus stacking.

Module 21: Sample Processing Workflow 3

Follow Ian from start to finish as he processes a photo from the American Southwest, showing you how to naturally bring out the colors of an amazing sunset sky.  

Module 22:

Wrap Up

Our creative journey together has reached its conclusion! Ian shares some final thoughts about making great landscape photos.

Bonus Module 1: Lake Superior

Ian travels to the scenic shores of Lake Superior to photograph dramatic cliffs and sandstone coastal caves sculpted by the water. In this wide-ranging interview, he discusses his general approach to landscape photography, and his artistic philosophy and goals. 

Bonus Module 2: Vanuatu

Ian travels to the island nation of Vanuatu to photograph the mighty Mount Yasur volcano. In this segment, he puts his drone to the test, but can it withstand the heat from one of the most powerful forces on the planet? 

Coming Soon: Free Bonus Modules

Free course updates for one year with new bonus videos as Ian travels to amazing landscape locations around the world.



instructional ebook

  • Contains more details on the high concept, “secret sauce” ingredients that will allow you to take amazing, mind-blowing landscape photos that will be the envy of all of your photo friends.

  • Filled with hundreds of beautiful landscape photos and illustrative graphics that explain the concepts and techniques that will unleash your inner artist.

  • Digital PDF eBook download 


The Landscape Photographer's Cheat Sheet

This downloadable ”cheat sheet” is a basic reference to help you make smart decisions when taking landscape photos. It contains useful information such as recommended equipment, a workflow checklist, sample compositional styles, and plenty of photos that will inspire your own landscape photography adventures. This guide is optimized for mobile so you can save it to your phone and carry it with you as a quick reference.  

The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course

Are you ready to take the landscape photos that you've always dreamed of making?

Total Price $199


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What level of photographer do you need to be?

This course is for all levels of landscape photography, whether you are just learning the basics or are more advanced and want to learn more. You can see a description of each module to get a better sense of the information covered. But the course does assume that you have a basic understanding of how to operate your camera.


How long do I have access to the course?

Once you purchase the course, you will have access for life.


What is the refund policy?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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Yes, users of Apple devices can watch offline using the Teachable iOS app. (Unfortunately, Teachable does not provide an offline viewing option for Android or other devices at this time.)

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