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May 29

Welcome to the Aerial Photography Forum!


Hi everyone, and welcome! This forum is a great place to share your aerial photos and experiences, and ask and answer questions relating to aerial photography with other aerial photography enthusiasts. It doesn't matter whether your photos were taken using a drone, or from a plane, helicopter, hot-air balloon, rocket ship, human kite, hang glider, ornithopter, flying car, or jetpack - if it is from the air, it is welcome here!


New Posts
  • I found some eroded badlands formations on public land 15 miles away from Badlands National Park in South Dakota (since I wasn't in the park, I could legally fly my drone here). Flew my Mavic 2 Pro up at sunrise to capture this image. Sunrise light is hitting the cliffs at the bottom of the image, while the rest of the formations were still in shadow and had a cooler color cast to them, allowing me to play with the complementary colors.
  • I've been following the new Lal Lal windfarm on a regular basis for quite a few months now and on Friday morning I got the conditions I've been chasing. This is close to the city of Ballarat, Victoria Australia
  • I had so much fun photographing icebergs in Greenland. I used my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone to fly around this interesting berg, shooting it from many photogenic angles during a seemingly endless sunset.

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