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Jul 17

Below Watson Falls (x2)


Edited: Jul 19

A tributary of the Umpqua River, in Western Oregon. Does the exposure work for you?

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24mm, F/13, 1/2 second exposure.


Lovely photo! Very nice composition. Since you asked, I would be interested in what the photograph looks like if you increase the blacks a bit (in Lightroom). It may increase the richness of the color.

Hey Margaret, took you suggestion by upping the brights and dimming the shadows, seems to pop more.


Amazing how different it looks with a small change! Thanks for showing the difference. Which one do you like better?

I like the second, thanks for the encouragement. This was taken early Fall and the flow was low and the moss had a tinge of brown, but not this much, so back to the drawing board to bring out the green a bit.

Very nice shot Zeph. Nice elements and the exposure timing on the water is excellent. A good amount of blur, but still with some texture. I do think there is still a bit of a cyan cast to the image though, and the green seems slightly over saturated.


Have you applied a bit of Orton to the image? If not, I like these moving water shots with just a small amount of blur in the water, while keeping those nice rocks sharp. Easy to try by duplicating the layer, adding a blur, then using bend if to leave the blur only in the light areas, then dropping the opacity of the layer to get just the right amount of blur over the water. Just some stylistic suggestions.

Hi John - Thanks for the comment and suggestions. No Orton processing here, but plenty of revisions, so it's time to rework the RAW file...

Jul 25

Beautiful image and I like the pop in colors from the 2nd version!

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