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Oct 25



Don't know if it's too late for #fallcolor but took this last night in Shenandoah. I walked all around, and couldn't find anything. Get back to my car, and see some beautiful colors right near there, backlit. But I couldn't find a composition as it was in a parking lot and just not a lot around. So I figured I'd try one of these motion effects, so I tried zooming in and out, I think this is zooming out but not sure. Hope ya'll like



I think it worked really well, actually! I think it’s good that the red area in the center has some separation. Nice trick!

Oct 28

Cool that you think out of the box. The astract idea came out great.


4 days ago

Love this Jeremy. When I am out doing serious photography and then want to have some fun in a different way I love doing these type of abstracts. Well done.

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