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Jul 19

Creative interpretation of a famous photo icon

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Hi everyone, I'm jumping in on the fun of the #unleash Photo Challenge - but don't worry, as one of the admins my photo isn't eligible to be featured in one of the Weekly Photo Roundups! I thought that I'd post a few photos just to get people in the mood, and to show some examples of my approach to creative image making.

I made this photo of Devils Tower, which is a very famous photo icon and popular alien landing location (just kidding on that last part, I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind when I was a kid and it has stuck with me my whole life). So, when I visited the Tower, I struggled to find a way to present it in a unique way. Then I spotted a small rainwater pool on a boulder at the base of the tower, a decided to use it to photograph the Tower's reflection. I parked myself at this spot for 2 or 3 hours waiting for the golden light of sunset. Dozens of photographers walked by me during that time and no one even noticed me, until one woman spotted me and said: "That's the best shot here, isn't it?" I replied: "Yep!" She then asked: "And you're not leaving that spot, are you?" To which I cheerily responded: "Not a chance!"

I got to visit there once a few years back... Not the easiest place to photograph if you ask me, so very well done with that great and unique perspective!

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