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Jul 26

Disko Bay Iceberg, Greenland


Edited: Jul 26

I'm up in Greenland right now shooting with Pro Team Member Erez Marom. We're also putting together another episode of Shuttermonkeys TV! I made this photo a few nights ago of an impressive dagger-shaped iceberg, handheld from a boat. Canon 5DSR, Canon 11-24mm f/4 lens. Also check out my drone shot in the Aerial forum. Oh, and check out our most recent "short take" video showing some mind-blowing drone footage of Disko Bay! #unleash


From Argentina to Greenland in what, two weeks ? You're the man!

This image is a study in form, the dramatic arrow-head is killer, but the second berg with it's incongruous lines and luminous glow, stellar...

Jul 28

What can I say, I get around! Thanks Zeph for the kind words!

Very nice Ian... I love the balance and color of this image! Looking forward to more Greenland images...

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