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Jul 20

Looking Back


Edited: Jul 20

Took this photo a couple months back at the ever popular Schwabachers Landing in Grand Teton National Park. Several people were there, all lined up in the usual spot, myself included. It was a great sunrise, outside of the fact that the clouds never lifted off the mountain. Some of the others packed it up once they realized no beautiful sunlight on the top of the Grand, and nothing against them for that, but I didn't wanna just leave with nothing. There were some great skies behind us though, and so I tried to make an interesting composition. Kind of tricky, had to block an RV and a commode at the parking lot, but once I put them behind trees, just had to wait for the clouds to circle the moon, and snap away. Hope ya'll like it. #unleash

Canon Rebel T2i, EF-S 10-18mm (awesome lens for crop sensor!)

Jul 25

There's a lot of subtleties to this image that really make it standout!

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