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Jun 6

Saguaros around Tucson

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Cactus, sage, desert, Arizona, Tucson Cactus, sage, desert, Arizona, Tucson
This site is not working very well, Ian. When I go to add a second photo to my post, it replaces the first one. The icons are not user friendly to me. Thanks.



Hi David, you can post more than one photo. For example, I've posted several below. I think what happened to you is this: when you post a photo, it automatically gives you an option of entering text to create a caption - an orange box pops up around the photo and continues below the photo in the space where the caption would appear. If you are still in this "caption mode," when you try adding another photo, it replaces the one you currently have. Just exit the caption mode by clicking outside of the orange box that appears around the photo and caption box. Anytime you click on a photo in the editor, the orange caption box appears and you can edit the caption, or leave it empty if you prefer.






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