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A self-portrait, surrounded by the sandstones hills at Petra, which was voted in 2007 as one of the new 7 wonders of the world. This is a single exposure and I used flash to illuminate the walls behin
Jun 13

Hi all, I love to shoot the night sky. I usually use a Sigma 14 F/1.8 art lens, i do love that wide expanse of sky. But, sometimes it would be nice to have a little more reach for when I can't get up
Jun 9

I made this photo of fellow Shuttermonkey Zac Mills when we visited Yasur Volcano in Vanuatu (check out the video here ). I waited for the moment when the twilight sky balanced with the exposure of t
2 days ago

Roosevelt Bridge across the St. Lucie River at night, Stuart, Florida.
Aug 6

Jul 29

Jul 20

I was driving home and the moon was hidden. Too many clouds on the horizon. Driving past this beach about a half mile and the clouds cleared, so I turned around and parked. I had my camera, phone and
Jun 17

Single image. 14-24 Nikkor f2.8 at 2.8, 20s ISO 5000. Processed in LR and Photoshop. Clouds rolled in and began to obscure the Milky Way. Slight bit of light painting on the Cedar. Background is overl
Jun 13

Sunset over Ulster Heights Lake, Ellenville, New York.
Jun 8

Most people don't think of slot canyons when they think of potential night photography locations! Actually, I made this night photo in Leprechaun Canyon in Utah in a part of the canyon where the slot
Oct 21

A waning Gibbous moon rises over the Empire State Building, New York City. This photo was taken from the New Jersey shore around 11 pm during a PhotoPills workshop this past weekend.
Aug 6

Jul 29

Jul 15

Sunset at Ulster Heights Lake, Ellenville, NY.
Jun 26

This is a composite image of a ground image and a stacked for noise reductin image of the Milky Way. All taken same night one right after the other. The foreground image settings: 304 secs, F/8 ISO 80
Jun 10

When I have some free time between my travels, I sometimes like to head into the city for some street and urban photography. When photographing the city lights at night, I usually like to shoot at the

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