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Jun 8

Slot canyon at night


Most people don't think of slot canyons when they think of potential night photography locations! Actually, I made this night photo in Leprechaun Canyon in Utah in a part of the canyon where the slot ended and the canyon widened, with a great view of the moon hovering in a field of stars. When including the moon in a wide-angle night shot, you should keep the exposure time 30 seconds or less to avoid obvious streaking as the moon travels across the night sky. During the exposure, the moon will create an attractive "starburst" effect. The foreground was lit by moonlight, and I used a flashlight to illuminate the boulder which was in shadow. Canon 5DIV, Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 lens, ISO 3200, f/8, 30 seconds. You can learn more about our adventures in Leprechaun Canyon on Shuttermonkeys TV!


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