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Aug 1

"Fishers of Men"


Probably an odd sounding title, it's actually a term Jesus used in the Bible. The story for this shot... I was making my way back to my hotel on Chincoteague, and stopped for a bit near the bridge that leads into the refuge. I was actually on the phone with a friend, when I just heard this loud crunching noise. I looked up and saw this fisherman pushing his way through the ice. I kind of panicked and just tossed my phone down, grabbed my camera, and quickly tried to get a few shots. I loved the backlit fog. I hope ya'll like it. I would love some critique, if anyone has any to share. And no, it's not shot in B&W, that's just how it looked.



Great mood captured in this photo! And I love how you have placed the boat on the left side moving out. Many photographers say this is "breaking the rules" to have your subject looking or moving out of the image frame, but I think it can be very powerful compositionally when done right.

Thank you, Ian. I'm glad you liked that. That was the one thing I wasn't quite sure of. I took more shots with the boat on the right, but the fog and light looked best in this one to me. While this shot is not as good, I think this pic always kind of reminded me of your photo from back in the day of a tree and hoarfrost in Grand Teton, that was always one of my fav's of yours.

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