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Jun 7

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Hi everyone, just a quick note, you can easily change your notification settings. Just click into your profile and choose "Settings," this will allow you to customize your notifications for our blog and the forum. That way you won't get inundated with notification emails eveytime someone posts!


It would be helpful to be able to say how often you want to receive notifications. I've just turned everything off because I don't see an option for a weekly email digest, say. My inbox is full of MonkeyShutter emails. Sorry, but I so dislike this using the term monkeys, so probably won't hang about here for much longer. Also - I put up a couple of photos because I thought you just wanted to see our photos. I wasn't asking for critiques.

Hi Julie, my mistake, I didn't notice you hadn't asked for critiques, yes, it is perfectly okay to share without getting critiques. We're providing a lot of photo education here so we're trying to help people advance their skills, I just forgot to check to see if you had asked for critiques or not. May I ask why you don't like using the term monkeys?

I agree that we should be able to have weekly or maybe a period of time choice to receive emails. I already receive too many emails per day but that said I do not want to miss an comments.

Hi Alicia, thanks for your input. We'll see what we can do, but unfortunately, we're working with a third party solution that we don't have any direct control over. We will push the app develop to make this feature available, because I agree it would be much better! In the meantime, I'd recommend the following: turn off other notifications you don't want, but leave on the Forum Notification that says: "Notify me when members comment on my posts." That way, you'll always know when someone leaves a comment for you. Thanks so much, we're going to do our best to make this site as awesome as possible for everyone!

New Posts
  • I recently did a podcast interview with my good friend David Johnston, we had a great discussion. David is always good at getting me to talk about all sorts of things related to photography. You can check out the podcast interview here: https://www.davidjohnstonart.com/podcast/plant
  • Ian and I will discuss his recent visit to my home in the Canadian Rockies. Despite getting up early, hiking longs hours, and staying out late, the weather didn't cooperate with us. But the nonetheless, we made the most of it when the light finally did break a little. To hear more, we will be having a live event on Thursday, October 3rd at 2pm CST . You can watch us here . We will be answering your questions and you can send them in advance here .  Please tune in as it's going to be entertaining! If you can't make it, we'll be posting the video to our YouTube channel.
  • The light snow turned into a heavy blizzard just before we reached the summit and unfortunately we had to turn back. But the views were amazing, and I’ll be back!

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