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2 days ago

A recent trip to Argentina included a visit to a colony of Magellanic and Gentoo penguins, with a single King watching over the rambunctious flock.
4 days ago

Any chance that we can reopen the #unleash contest? If you want complementary colors, here you go: This gecko was hanging out on the side of a food truck in Laie, Oahu, Hawaii. If you click the pictur
Oct 22

Young Swan glides on reflections of fall foliage in the Branford Supply Ponds, Connecticut. The ponds are part of a huge 800-acre swath of greenway running north and west to the town's Pisgah Brook P
Oct 4

Sep 14

300mm 1/800 @ f 4 C&C Welcome
Sep 9

This mama bear and one cub scan the river in search of the passing sockeye salmon, while the other cub scans for signs of other bears. You can read more about my experience last month photographing br
Aug 30

I'll be heading back to the Arctic in November to photograph polar bears in Canada. In previous years, I've gone to Alaska for polar bears. I photographed this precocious cub several years aback. Pola
3 days ago

Caught this bird just as he was taking flight after bathing in the dish of water, kept out for that purpose. I love the drops of water in the air.
Nov 5

We saw two different polar bears today but did not have the best sightings, so consequently I took zero photos in the blizzard like conditions. Hopefully tmr will be better!
Oct 12

This image was from my first day out shooting shorebirds with the Nikon Z7. It's not perfect, but the timing was impeccable, to be sure! Nikon Z7 with Nikon 300mm f/4 PF at 1/1000 sec, f/4, ISO 64.
Oct 3

Sep 18

Does this photo indicate that the camera/lens need microfocus adjustment? All comments welcome.
Sep 7

Aug 26

Here's one of my favorites from my recent trip to Indonesia. I photographed this orangutan in Gunung Leuser National Park just as a ray of light hit her face. You can read all about my experience and
5 days ago

Zac and I just returned from a week of brutally cold conditions in Churchill, Manitoba to photograph polar bears. Here's a happy bear walking past us on the newly formed sea ice, getting ready to head
Oct 28

Zac and I are getting ready to meet up in Churchill for some polar bear photography. Can't wait to be back with the bears! I've done all my previous polar bear photography in Alaska, this will be my f
Oct 7

Sep 27

I watched this Marmot happily eat for several minutes before it climbed up on this nearby cliff and took a rest. It was if the Marmot was taking a moment to enjoy the nearby beauty of the mountainous
Sep 11

19th century farm located on the island of Roanoke--near town of Manteo (N.C.) #CreativeColor
Sep 7

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