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Sep 9

All Positions Covered


This mama bear and one cub scan the river in search of the passing sockeye salmon, while the other cub scans for signs of other bears. You can read more about my experience last month photographing brown bears in Alaska here.



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  • We saw two different polar bears today but did not have the best sightings, so consequently I took zero photos in the blizzard like conditions. Hopefully tmr will be better!
  • Zac and I are getting ready to meet up in Churchill for some polar bear photography. Can't wait to be back with the bears! I've done all my previous polar bear photography in Alaska, this will be my first time in Manitoba, I'm looking forward to it. Zac and I have a live video event on October 30 to discuss our preparation for the trip, and we hope to send dispatches from the field while we are up there. Wish us luck!
  • Young Swan glides on reflections of fall foliage in the Branford Supply Ponds, Connecticut. The ponds are part of a huge 800-acre swath of greenway running north and west to the town's Pisgah Brook Preserve and Regional Water Authority's Saltonstall Mountain Preserve all the way to East Haven.

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