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Nov 5

Arctic Fox with an Arctic Meal

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We saw two different polar bears today but did not have the best sightings, so consequently I took zero photos in the blizzard like conditions. Hopefully tmr will be better!



Well, it's no polar bear but personally I think that's still a great subject. The eyes pop.

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  • A recent trip to Argentina included a visit to a colony of Magellanic and Gentoo penguins, with a single King watching over the rambunctious flock.
  • Caught this bird just as he was taking flight after bathing in the dish of water, kept out for that purpose. I love the drops of water in the air.
  • Zac and I just returned from a week of brutally cold conditions in Churchill, Manitoba to photograph polar bears. Here's a happy bear walking past us on the newly formed sea ice, getting ready to head out over Hudson Bay to hunt seals for the winter. Canon 5DIV, Tamron 150-600mm lens. We'll be posting our next exciting ShuttermonkeysTV adventure soon!

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