Our Giving Back program helps fund primate conservation efforts. Join us! 

Here at Shuttermonkeys, we love to photograph some of the world's most iconic species in their natural habitats. BUT, we cannot ignore the elephant in the room. Or, more sadly to the point, the lack of an elephant in the room. Unfortunately, many of our favorite species are at risk of extinction. It's hard to imagine a world without mountain gorillas, lions, elephants, and polar bears, but there's a real risk that this may happen in our lifetime. And although photography has a vital role to inspire individuals, organizations, and policymakers to undertake corrective action, we want to do more.

That's why we've implemented our Giving Back policy, where a portion of our revenues will go to support conservation efforts. While we'd love to save all of the world's endangered species, we've decided to focus our efforts on our monkey friends. Okay, so some of them are technically apes, not monkeys, but here at Shuttermonkeys we see past whether you have a tail or not, and embrace all forms of primate conservation. And unfortunately, many primate species are threatened by habitat loss and poaching, and really need our help. So, with every purchase you make, you will be helping to protect these incredible animals. Of course, if you feel like giving more, we've included links to our partner's websites, so you can make your own donations.


SOS exists to protect the critically endangered Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutans, their forests and their future. Without urgent action they could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct. SOS is dedicated to turning this situation around. Working closely with partner NGOs in Indonesia, SOS projects include orangutan rescue and rehabilitation, forest restoration and anti-wildlife crime patrols. SOS also advocates on a global level for changes to corporate and government policies to support orangutan conservation.