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learn how to capture stunning landscape PHOTOS

Do you struggle to translate the beautiful landscape scene in front of your eyes into an effective photograph? Do you want to make your landscape photos more dynamic, artistic, unique, and visually compelling? Well, you've come to the right place. This course will help you improve your skills and make the landscape photos you've always dreamed up taking!

This ebook and video course allows you to follow me into the field where you will learn how I scout scenic locations, consider different compositions, and work with available light and existing conditions to create stunning landscape photos. 

For 15 years as a professional photographer, I've shared my knowledge with hundreds of thousands of people around the world through workshops, photo conferences and events, dozens of books, and as a frequent contributor to many leading photo publications including my regular column for Landscape Photography Magazine. Everything I've taught over these many years has now been brought together in this amazing course. I'm proud to help you become the best landscape photographer you can be! 

- Ian Plant 

Professional photographer & Shuttermonkeys co-founder

Learn to take photos like these!

I've been taking landscape photos for fifteen years as a pro, and for another ten years before that as an enthusiast. I'm entirely self-taught, which means I've had a lot of trial-and-error to get where I am today, making many mistakes along the way. But you can skip most of that, because all of my hard-earned insights and experience is included in this course and presented in a clear and concise manner.  I'll teach you how to take your landscape photography to the next level and make photos like these!  

"Wow. Just loved your enthusiasm. that was so awesome to watch you go through that and explain as it was happening. Truly outstanding. So glad I purchased it. This was so inspiring on the creative vision side of things."


Filmed on Location

The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course was filmed on location in the beautiful desert of Utah. This field-based instruction is designed to give you the photo workshop experience without having to pay thousands of dollars. This course provides premium education and insights, allowing you to skip the challenge of trying to figure out what's important and learn directly from one of the world's best photo educators! ​

THE AMAZING RESOURCES IN THIS COURSE will change the way you see the world

The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course will help you move past making mere snapshots, allowing you to make a more personal and deeper connection with your landscape subjects, and to more effectively convey that experience to others through your photographs. Here's what you get with your enrollment:

2+ hours of field-based video instruction

Go straight to the field with over a dozen video modules filmed on location. You'll learn a variety of techniques, including: how to effectively research, find, and scout dramatic landscape locations; how to master the Near-Far style of landscape composition to allow you to create dramatic landscape photos; how to achieve "deep focus" and get tack-sharp images; how you can bring your landscape photos to life with dramatic weather events; and how to ​balance your exposure during dramatic sunrise and sunset lighting.

1+ hour of digital darkroom video instruction

Ian will guide you through his digital darkroom process, teaching you how to subtly optimize the images you have captured. He covers a variety of processing techniques useful to landscape photographers, including: focus stacking; exposure blending; straightening a crooked horizon; correcting lens and perspective defects; and darkening a bright sky and other exposure balancing techniques. He also processes several sample images from start to finish.

120+ page instructional ebook

This helpful guide contains more details on the high concept, “secret sauce” ingredients that will allow you to take amazing, mind-blowing landscape photos that will be the envy of all of your photo friends. This downloadable PDF is filled with hundreds of beautiful landscape photos and illustrative graphics that explain the concepts and techniques that will help you to unleash your inner artist.

The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course

The insights, knowledge, and vision gained from this course will help you to make the landscape photos that you've always dreamed of taking! The only question remaining is:

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Meet Your Instructor

Ian Plant travels the globe seeking out amazing places in his never-ending quest to capture the beauty of our world with his camera. Ian is a frequent contributor to many leading photo magazines and the author of numerous books and instructional videos. He has reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world in his mission to inspire and educate others in the art of photography.

"Just finished the Ultimate Landscape Photography Course. Overall it’s a great course. It shows the research that goes into making fine art and not just running out and taking a photo as soon as you get out of the car."


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