We offer a unique, interactive mentor experience designed for photographers who are looking to take their artistic vision to the next level. 




All classes are conducted in a dynamic, private online forum. Log in whenever you like; you’ll find new insights and inspiration waiting for you!




Get a customized learning experience with plenty of feedback from instructors and interact with other passionate, like-minded individuals.




Interactive classes allow you to ask questions and get critique and feedback on your work as you progress through the class materials. 

Awesome job. I look forward to logging on. I value the detail given to each piece (what works, what doesn't AND why, how to improve it). In this short time I can see the improvement in my end product . BUT more importantly, I can see the progression of my creative process: how I look at composition, light, shapes, and asking myself the right questions.” 

-Ami F. 

  • Virtual, asynchronous learning environment: Our virtual "classrooms" are interactive discussion and photo sharing forums that allow students to read educational materials posted by the instructors, ask questions, get feedback and encouragement, and make friends. We offer an asynchronous learning environment so that students can access class material and the ongoing classroom conversation at different times from different locations. Log in on your own schedule!

  • Plenty of learning materials: Students can download PDF class materials outlining key class themes and lessons. There's also plenty of supplemental learning and inspiration, with instructors striving to provide education above and beyond the basic curriculum

  • Photo challenges: Instructors post regular photo challenges to encourage you to practice new techniques and spark your creativity.  

  • Image review and critique: Each student may submit up to 5 photos per week for detailed and constructive image critique by the class instructors. These critiques are the most popular part of our classes. Not only do you get helpful suggestions for each photo you submit, but you also get the benefit of working with mentors who can monitor your progress and offer advice to help you improve your overall artistic approach.  

  • Video chats: We host weekly optional video conference chats to get to know one another, ask and answer questions, and extend the learning experience. Can't make a chat? No problem: we record all video sessions!

  • Optimal class size: Our classes are small enough to give everyone personal attention, but large enough to encourage robust discussion and interaction.

  • Flexible class structure: Our classes are nimble, organic, and interactive, which allows the instructors to tailor the experience to meet everyone's individual needs. 

Key Benefits Include:


Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

With Joseph Rossbach and Ian Plant

Duration: 4 weeks

Class size: 12 students maximum

Start Date: January 16, 2021

Tuition: $395

Do you dream of traveling to exotic locations to take amazing photographs? That dream starts with learning how to make stunning photographs of the everyday things that surround you in your daily life. In this inspiring Mentor Class, professional photographers Ian Plant and Joseph Rossbach share their secrets for transforming even ordinary subjects into extraordinary photographs, allowing you to make compelling images anywhere you go. 

Dynamic Photo Compositions

With Kurt Budliger and Ian Plant

Duration: 4 weeks

Class size: 12 students maximum

Start Date: January 16, 2021

Tuition: $395

Mastering the technical aspects of photography is relatively quick with today’s modern digital cameras.  However, mastering the art of composition is the life’s work of all photographers, and something many of us struggle with. In this inspiring Mentor Class, professional photographers Ian Plant and Kurt Budliger share their secrets for creating dynamic and compelling compositions. 

Intimate Landscape Photos

With Joseph Rossbach and Kurt Budliger

Duration: 4 weeks

Class size: 12 students maximum

Start Date: January 16, 2021

Tuition: $395

Somewhere between wide sweeping grand scenes and frame filling macro photography resides the expressive and creative world of the intimate landscape. In this Mentor Class we will explore the many concepts, approaches, and techniques for creating expressive and meaningful intimate landscape photographs, techning you how to see and capture evocative images that go beyond the post card vistas to unveil a unique and intimate vision of the world.

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In this special edition episode of Photo Talk, professional photographers Ian Plant, Kurt Budliger, and Joseph Rossbach discuss the importance of finding a photo mentor, the challenges of making extraordinary photographs, and their new online photo mentor classes designed to give students critical feedback as they progress through the class.