What is Shuttermonkeys?

We are a community of creative photographers, connecting passionate enthusiasts with top pros. We're committed to working with organizations and individuals that share our passion for photography education and awareness. Join us and take the next step in the evolution of photography! 

What can we do for you?

We have a mailing list of over 45,000 photo enthusiasts and a social media reach of more than 250,000 people. Here are just a few of the ways we can enhance your mission: 


  • Access our FREE articles and videos for your members.

  • Take the club photo sharing experience to the next level with FREE member access to our photo sharing forums.

  • Raise funds for your club with our generous Affiliate Program.

  • Our network of pro photographers are available for speaking engagements.

Photo websites

  • Creating high quality new content for readers & subscribers is always a challenge. Just go ahead and embed our YouTube videos on your site, it's free!

  • Earn referral commissions through our generous Affiliate Program.  

  • Our Pro Team members are available for interviews, podcasts, etc.

  • Cross-promotion and co-marketing opportunities. 


  • With our high-quality video production and travel to exotic locations, we can take Brand Ambassadorship to the next level!

  • Guaranteed impressions to your target market.

  • We can produce high-quality sponsored product videos with wide distribution.

  • We only work with select brands and products that inspire us!


  • You're always looking for a better way to connect with your customers. Adding our FREE articles and videos to your newsletters and outreach programs allows you to share high-quality educational materials at no cost to you! 

  • Our network of pro photographers are available for speaking engagements. 

  • Diversify your business by joining our generous Affiliate Program and earn revenue from digital content.


Free Youtube embeds

Enhance your educational mission by embedding our YouTube videos on your website. Our Pro Team travels the world to exotic photo destinations, sharing their adventures and pro tips in our exciting videos. All our videos are ad-free. Here's a sample of one of our recent video adventures to photograph the total solar eclipse in Argentina! 


We offer a generous 25% commission for sales of our products. The affiliate program is available to photo websites and camera stores looking to enhance their revenue, camera clubs looking to fundraise, and individuals who want to refer our products to their photo friends. In other words, the program is available to anyone! Contact us for more details or to sign up as an affiliate. 



Our free online forum, the Monkey Lounge, is a community space where users can share photos, seek advice and critique, and ask and answer photography questions. We have regular photo challenges designed to encourage participants to improve their skills. Invite your members. readers, and subscribers to share their best photos with our growing community!


The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course

Our flagship course is designed to help photography enthusiasts capture stunning landscape images. With over 3 hours of video instruction and an accompanying 120+ page ebook, this course will fully unlock one's potential as an artist. Watch the exciting preview video!

Interested in learning more? Please contact us and let's work together!

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