Shuttermonkeys Pro Membership

Take your photography to the next level with Shuttermonkeys Pro! You'll get streaming access to our entire library of premium photography videos, including field instructional courses and our suite of Lightroom/ACR/Photoshop tutorials. We offer several membership plans.   

Choose your Pro Membership plan

  • Monthly Plan

    Every month
    Great value. Maximum flexibility.
     7 day free trial
    • Unlimited streaming access
    • Field tutorials
    • Photo editing tutorials
  • Best Value

    Annual Plan

    Every year
    Great value. Maximum savings.
     7 day free trial
    • Everything that is included in the monthly plan

If you choose a free trial, you'll be asked for your credit card information. You won't be charged during the trial period, and once your trial period ends, your card will be charged unless you cancel your account before then.