The Photo Critique Episode 1

Hi everyone, I've just started a new program on the ShuttermonkeysTV YouTube channel called The Photo Critique. In each episode, I offer detailed and thoughtful critiques of user-submitted photos. I'm pleased to announce that the program is a hit! You can watch Episode 1 here, or head over to ShuttermonkeysTV and watch it there along with all of our other great videos.

If you would like for a chance to have your photos featured in The Photo Critique, you can post your photos to the Monkey Lounge, the Shuttermonkeys community forum. Just follow this link for instructions on how to submit your photos for consideration.

Unfortunately, I can't review all of the photos that are submitted, but I will be on the lookout for photos that catch my eye or that otherwise offer a teachable moment for everyone who watches the program. But, there is an entire community of photo enthusiasts at your disposal in the Monkey Lounge, so feel free to ask for and offer some constructive critiques of your own. That way, we can all help each other become the best photographers we can be.

So, here's hoping that I will see your photos in the next episode of The Photo Critique!

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